Winter Series Round 4 – Bayford Meadows

The bottom half of the track was flooded so we were forced to run on the shortened track, which meant that lap times were around 40 seconds, and gearing and setup needed to be adjusted to suit.

I qualified on second, which put me on the outside for the first corner, but I managed to get across and into the lead. The first half of the race was spent battling with Joel, trying to get the break and when I finally got it, I ran wide into the hairpin and across the grass, demoting myself back to second. For some reason the kart really had some speed as I played catch up to try and retake the lead, once I took the lead, I managed to build a gap and hold it to the flag to take the win.

The final followed a similar pattern to the pre final, however this time Joel got the jump on me at  the start and took the lead for the first part of the race. Despite my attempts, I couldn’t make a move stick, and so we were swapping the lead from corner to corner. Our battling was slowing us up and Michael’s new tyres were beggining to work in his favour, and he was closing us down. I knew I had to try and get out in the lead and get my head down, and finally made a move which got me into this position. From there the gap between me and Michael remianed until the end of the race, where I took the win. The results for the Final are shown on MyLaps here

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