Winter Series Round 5 – Bayford Meadows

The final round of the Winter Series, and with the points so close for the top three positions, it was not going to be an easy race…..

I qualified on third, which gave me the inside for the first corner on the pre-final. After my experiences of the Maxxis red tyres when they ware cold from Round 3, I was expecting there to be a lot less grip than there actually was, and so the first lap was a bit too cautious on reflection. After dropping to 4th on the start, I worked my way up into the lead to take the race win.

For the Final I started on pole, but a bit of pushing on the first corner put me back down to 4th again, and just like the pre-final I managed to work my way back up into the lead, but it wasn’t going to be all my way and after a lot of battling in the closing stages of the race I could only manage third, however another lap and the outcome may have been very different.

The results are avaliable on MyLaps here, however the video really represents the day a lot better than I can describe it;

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