Formula 6 Round 3 – Lydd

In qualifying we came 6th, which was our own fault, as we thought we were on a sprocket three teeth higher than we actually were, which we hadn’t checked properly since racing at Glan y Gors. Changing this, we gained half a second, and this put us back in the running for the win.

Heat 1 was really weird; one of the Senior Opens, which were on a mixed grid with the Senior TKM 4 Strokes, had dropped oil on the first corner (which is a flat out left hander) on the formation lap.  Therefore on the next lap round, we stood no chance of making the corner, and it caught out nearly all of the grid that was on the racing line, as it was not visible at all on the track. Luckily for me I was able to rejoin, and in the remaining stages of the race, made up the time I had lost on the two in front to finish 3rd, the video will show this whole scenario a lot better.

Heat 2 was pretty uneventful compared to Heat 1, where I got a good start and moved up to 5th, and was beginning to catch the group in front, before one of the Senior Opens got completely in the way and slowed my progress to the point where I lost too much time to catch those in front of me. After I passed him I set the fastest lap, and closed a lot on the group in front, but had lost too much time to be able to overtake the guys in front.

I started 4th from the final, but was still a bit wound up from heat 2, as I felt I should have finished higher up. Perhaps this worked to my advantage, as I fought my way through from 4th to get myself into 2nd and managed to hold this right to the end, and required some defending on the last couple of corners as the race became very close. I was pleased with the final result, it was a shame, that Adam, who won it, got away so much when we were battling for 2nd, but this couldn’t be helped. Results are on MyLaps here

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