Formula 6 Round 4 – Bayford Meadows

Frustrating race weekend, as our pace was really lacking to begin with, and we managed to reduce the difference but never had the speed to win. It seemed as though without having our stronger engine back from Tal-ko and the one we were using long overdue a rebuild that our pace had dropped off compared to the competition. On the plus side we took the opportunity to find the optimum tyre pressures for the longer finals, and we seem to have cracked it now.

We came 5th in the final and were roughly 0.2 seconds off the pace, but despite my negativity we only just finished 5th, as the tyres lasted when everybody elses started to go off towards the end, another few laps and perhaps a different outcome?!  Thanks to Gary Kimber for the photo and results can be found here on MyLaps

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