Formula 6 Round 5 – Ellough Park

We were able to have the chassis re-welded and this weekend was a test to see whether it had kept its performance despite the damage. The speed we got out of it was good, given what had happened to it. I was able to still have confidence in it, and could work my way through the feild comfortably. In each of the three heats I finished either 2nd or 3rd, from the various places I started (front, middle and back).

I started 2nd for the Final, and made a good start to secure my position out of the first corner.  We were roughly 0.1 seconds slower than Adam and over the 18 lap final, I was unable to catch him to make a move, so had to settle for a happy second. It seems the kart has not lost its speed, so things look good for the next few races. Just need to find that extra bit of speed to make it a race win. Image from UK Karting

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