Senior TKM 4 Stroke: Top Speed

With the ability to analyse speed and g-forces by using the MyChron 4 with GPS, I took a look back through the data that was recorded from the Super 1 round at Glan y Gors in April. The circuit is extremely physical and had an very long back straight, which required the lowest gearing we’ve ran in a long time.

The top speed was acheived on the back straight and was recorded at 68.9 mph, at just over 11500 rpm. It was interesting to see the raw information as often commentators, tv presenters, etc will make really high claims about the speed of junior classes reaching 70 to 80 mph, when in fact the speed you can acheive on track is nearer 60 mph on an average, twisty track.  

In terms of g-forces, the Senior TKM  Stroke runs on Maxxis Red slicks, and normally you would expect to acheive about 1.5G, however at Glan y Gors, we reached 1.81G laterally and 0.94G underbraking. I have recorded in the past around 2.3G on tracks such as Shenington however it depends on the conditions.

Hopefully that gives you a rough gauge of the performance of the kart, and the sort of forces that are exerted to it and the driver.

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