Maxxis Formula TKM Festival

The revised format meant that qualifying was critical to a successful weekend, so when we had problems with the engine on Saturday morning it was to be an ongoing struggle to get to the front. We had ended Friday testing fastest at 47.10, however the kart just wasn’t running right and we qualified 9th with a fastest lap of about 47.50. This meant that we would start all of the heats from 9th, and with the field being so competitive it was extremely hard to make any progress.

Finishing all of the heats in 8th, I set about trying to do better in the pre-final. I managed to get myself up to 4th before an incedent put me back down to 10th. I was able to fight back up to 8th. Having now been truely fed up with finishing 8th which was becoming a bit of an unlucky charm, I had nothing to lose in the Final. The racing was extremely close and very physical. My positions were varying as I was caught up in a battle for 4th. During the Final I set the fastest lap (47.06); smashing the lap record, which previously stood at 47.76. I finished the final in 6th, and in another lap this could well of been different again!

The TKM Festival is televised and should be on Sky Sports and/or Motors TV at some point around the start of October. I recently found the ‘incidents’ of last years footage, when it suddenly rained halfway through the final, which I felt I should share :)

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