Super 1 Round 5 – Ellough Park

What could’ve been! After some strong results in the heats, which included a win in Heat 1, two third place finishes and a seventh; we started second for the Final. I got across on the start and was able to maintain my position, and quickly moved into the lead a lap later. I held the lead for about 3 laps, however the lap times had been close all day and pulling away through outright pace was going to be tough. As it were, we were unable to show our ‘fastest lap’ speed that we had shown in the earlier heats as the tyres became older.

I’ll leave the video to show what happens in the Final, however off camera in the hairpin, an incident smashed the radiator and meant that I was unable to continue at the speed I was before, which was so frustrating given how well we were doing. However when you look at how close the Final was it was inevitable that something was going to happen, it’s just a shame it happened to me!

The points didn’t turn out to be that bad for the round; I think we were saved by our results from the heats. It looks like for the final round at Buckmore Park at the start of October that we can hope to end the championship in 5th at best, because of the way the points are looking, but anything can happen in racing, so I’ll just push for the win and see how things look by the end.

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