Daniel Rogers Formula Six Bayford Meadows

Formula 6 Round 12 – Bayford Meadows

The final round of the Formula Six Championship, and I entered the round knowing that I was already champion no matter what happended. I qualified first on a drying track, and therefore started both heats from pole. In the first heat the track was drying quickly and we went for wets because it was wet offfline, however the sun came out as we left the grid and my choice of tyres meant that despite an initial lead, I slipped back through the pack to around 6th.

By the second heat the track had dried and I was back on form, taking a win from pole with quite a considerable gap to second. I was unaware of most of the action going on further down the field until I watched the video back afterwards. For the Final I started 4th, and quickly got up into 3rd. I’m not sure whether knowing that I had won the chamionship already acted as a de-motivator but I didn’t quite seem to be focussed enough to work my way to the front. Instead I came home in 3rd, with a final podium placed finish of the year. Throughout the year I collected 8 trophies from the 10 rounds we were present at. The video highlights are below;

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