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ABKC TKM O Plate – Shenington

The entries were low, however the standard of racing  at the front was still just as competitive. Winning two out of the three heats, we had found some pace in the kart and the strong results put me on pole for the final. The race was reported in the Karting Magazine, however here is my own account.

We had found that by running a different gearing on the front to Mike and Adam that we had a speed advantage on different parts of the track which helped a lot. The final was difficult because the times were close, however I kept my lead in the first few laps, and after the two behind began to battle I opened up a slight gap. By lap 7 this gap had been closed and the pressure was on to keep them both behind. Adam made a late move into the hairpin and I stupidly tried to hold it on the outside; unsuprisingly we touched and I ran wide, putting me back to third. I pushed hard to try and regain the lead and on lap 10 set my fastest lap.

It all came down to the last lap as always, I had managed to get myself into second by passing Mike and had nothing to lose, as first was the only position that mattered at this O Plate meeting. Adam defended into the hairpin and drove a tight line but was slow, and as we came into the hairpin I was breifly ahead. It became a drag race to the line, which could go three ways. I finished second 0.03 seconds from Adam with Mike finishing 0.06 seconds behind me, which is one of the smallest margins i’ve lost a race by in my life. Still a podium was a good result but the O Plate title would have been much nicer. Results and lap times are here.

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