CSCC – Snetterton Official Test Day

In preparation for the upcoming season, we headed to Snetterton for the official test day of the Classic Sports Car Championship. This would be our first opportunity to establish just how quick the MX5 is outside of a single make series.

The day started wet which was not ideal, but it seemed as though in these conditions the MX5 was quick and could pass a surprising number of faster cars in the corners. As the day started to dry the performance deficit became more noticeable, but to be honest this wasn’t really a surprise. We were still on the Hankook road tyres which were compulsory in the MX5 Championship, however in the CSCC most cars run track tyres from Dunlop, Yokohama, Toyo, etc. That will be the first thing we need to change.

I’d already uprated the brake discs to a vented version in order to eliminate some of the problems I was having with pad material sticking to the disc. This seems to of improved the situation which is positive news. The car is also a lot lighter than it used to be as the CSCC Modern Classics series does not have a minimum weight limit; we’ve removed all the ballast which we used to run, as well as grinding off a load of unnecessary brackets and boot / bonnet material.

Straight line performance is the biggest challenge. As you can see in the picture, the grid is full of cars with over 2x the power. Admittedly they are also heavier so we’ll have an advantage on the brakes and in the corners, but we need to find ways to increase the power / weight ratio. More details to follow but uprated cams, and individual throttle bodies are on my current wish list!

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