Mazda UK MX-5 Visibilty Campaign

Purely coincidentally, through my job I work with Mazda Motors UK. Racing the MX-5 definitely helps in this sense, as I have a good product knowledge and understanding about the capabilities of the car. With the launch of the latest generation Mazda MX-5 in the UK, Mazda ran a series of “internal” campaigns known as the Visibility campaign. This was predominantly a scheme for staff to give family and friends a chance to drive the new car and spread the word, but it was later decided that the scheme could work as a challenge to their agency partners.

So that’s where I come in! GForces work with Mazda to provide their dealer website solution. I jumped on this brief as soon as it came in, as it was a great opportunity and should be a lot of fun. Our guidance was to create a unique, shareable campaign which positively exposed the new MX-5 to a new audience, showed its spirited character, and challenged our staff at the same time.

Our response? #27Icons

I designed a campaign that would take the all-new Mazda MX-5 to 27 iconic locations to tell a unique, personal story. Uniquely linked to the heritage of the Mazda MX-5, our campaign highlights that in 2016 the Mazda MX-5 will have been in production for 27 years. We will visit 27 locations to signify this milestone. An iconic location isn’t necessarily a landmark, or a popular tourist attraction, it is a place that has a personal connection with an individual. These connections will all relate to the driving / Mazda experiences of our staff.

The scale of this campaign was perhaps more than I anticipated! We only had 31 days in which to cover all of the locations. Throw in Christmas and New Year and this very quickly became a logistical headache. Nonetheless the brief was to challenge and our campaign would certainly do that. Check out the video below to see a quick summary of our activity;

The video does well to show the scale of the campaign, but doesn’t give much context to the locations we visited. You can read more about the unique stories which supported each of our driver locations on the map below, or by visiting part 1 and part 2 of the GForces blog.

My locations were 4, 20 and 26 which meant that I got to return to the house I grew up in to recreate a photo from I was 8 years old stood next to my dads MX-5 BBR Turbo, re-visit Lydden Hill which is where I did my first track day, and take the new MX-5 back to the workshop for some shots next to the race car.

Dads Mazda MX5 BBR Turbo September 2000


My thoughts? Well… there’s a story behind that too. The insurance policy in place meant that I was unable to drive the new car as I was under 25, and GForces were unable to put cover in place. So a lot of work went into not much personal gain. However, I have since driven the new car at a Mazda brand day at Donington Park. It’s light and nimble just like the Mk1 and feels of similar proportions which is great. There’s quite a lot of body roll, even on the Sport Nav model which would need addressing if it was to be used as a track car. The stability control is also a bit to intrusive for me – keeping the car in line at all times, especially on the brakes. I’d love to drive it with that turned off as i’m sure it would expose a completely different side to it. Overall though, it’s a fantastic foundation for a race car in the next couple of years.



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