CSCC – Thruxton

Qualifying 1st (14th Overall) | Race 1st (9th Overall)

Truxton has been on my list for ages and it’s rare to get a club racing weekend as they have restricted use of the circuit. They say you’re out full throttle at this track more than any other in the UK. After this weekend – I can believe that.

Qualifying was our chance to learn the track. That’s never ideal but having raced for so many years, both Rhys and I are pretty quick learners. I thought the track was awesome, and there’s something about balancing a car at over 100mph through Church corner that puts a real smile on your face. I don’t have an onboard video this weekend unfortunately so will have to stitch together videos from YouTube. First one is from the chicane. I should also mention how engaged the spectators are at Thruxton, as I had so many people asking me about the Mazda which is awesome!

We qualified pretty well considering how much time you spend at full throttle and the power deficit the Mazda has compared to other cars. It’s perhaps a sign of our commitment round the back of the circuit. Rhys started the race and was full commitment from the start where he got involved in a bit of a David & Goliath battle with the Triumph TR7 V8. A good pit stop and consistent lap times meant that we finished 1st in class and 9th overall. In my opinion that’s a great result for the little MX5! We made it onto the TV footage too!


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