Formula 6 Round 1 – Buckmore Park

Round 1 of the Formula 6 Championship 2009, which is also the F6 O Plate meeting. We will only be competing in a few rounds of the championship throughout the year, due to commitments with the British Championships, however I still wanted to start the championship on a high, after becoming the Junior champion last year.

Heat 1 I started from last (14th), and got a good start, and worked my way through the pack quickly to pull up to 6th by the finish. On Heat 2 I started on pole and held my lead on the start and had the speed to get a gap, and take the race win.

This meant that I started on 4th for the Final, and after dropping a place on the start, I managed to work my way back through to 3rd, setting the fastest lap of the race in lap 8. Unfortunately after setting the fastest lap the kart began to grip up due to the tyre pressures being too high for the temperature. I began to lose speed and frustratingly places aswell. By the end of the race, I finished in 5th. We learnt that with this kart the tyre pressures need to be pretty low, compared to others, and hopefully we can work on this before the next time we’re out. The positive factor is that we had the speed before the kart gripped up, and we were only 0.2 seconds off the lap record.

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