Super 1 Round 1 – Fulbeck

The season opener could of definately had a better start, but the results improved as the weekend progresed. The new format of the British Championship meant that there was to be one heat done on the Saturday Evening. Sadly this heat ended in a DNF, because of contact in the 2nd chicane on the first lap caused the carb rubber to split and this forced me into retirement.

The second heat was on Sunday Morning, and just before we were due to go out, very fine rain started falling. It was a split decision whether to change from slicks to wets. We remained on slicks like half the grid, however this turned out to be the wrong choice as the rain fell heavier. We were however the quickest of those who ran slicks, but could only manage 11th.

The day then became very wet and very windy and wet tyres were in order. On the third heat I started 17th, and after the new wets I was running came on, I managed to work my way through to 6th. The fourth heat was equally as good, where after starting from pole, I finished 3rd; not having the pace to match the first two, but still being competitive.

In the Final I started 9th, and after initially dropping a few places at the start, I worked my way through to finish 7th on track. This then became 6th after Tom Truscott’s exclusion. The race results for the weekend can be found here. There are two videos that are avaliable from the final, the first one being the one we filmed, and the seond one being the one Super 1 filmed (the Senior TKM 4 Stroke final starts at 2:35 minutes)

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