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TKM Kartmasters GP Plate – PFI

The aim was to retain the title and this was never going to be easy. Like last year, the weather was bad, despite being moved forward a month from December to Novemeber. There was an announcement on Saturday evening that due to the numbers being below 10, that the GP Plate would not actually be awarded, effectively making the weekend worthless, but we had made the journey to PFI and it was too late in the day to go home thanks to the clubs poor organising.

The wet weather made qualifying tricky but I still managed to qualify 4th and the times were very close. Heat 1 looked promising and the kart was quicker than in the qualifying, but ended badly when the engine electrics unit failed; possibly due to the amount of surface water.

By Heat 2 we had replaced the electrics with a spare unit, and set about trying to make good the weekend. The track had started to dry out and the conditions were very similar to last year where I won the event. From the back I worked my way up and finished in 2nd, which was a big confidence boost moving into the Final.

In the Final I started 5th because of my DNF in the first heat but after the first corner I had made my way into second and set about chasing down the lead. I didn’t show the pace in the first part of the race, as the tyres didnt warm up quick enough, however by half way my pace started to show. Behind me however Rhys Jenkins was working through the grid and passed me for second. Both of us then chased down the lead and on the last lap Rhys got into the lead and I made a move into the chicane to take second. Rhys managed to hold the lead until the flag where I took second. It was frustrating to miss out on retaining my title by one place, but given the plate was not awarded anyway it would of been more annoying to have won then not been able to use it!

We were unable to record the race due to PFI officials preventing us filming; I get the impression that the club is not a fan of TKM :(

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