F6 2010 Bayford Meadows Senior TKM 4 Stroke Daniel Rogers

Formula 6 Round 9 – Clay Pigeon

Clay Pigeon seems to be a track we always do well at, and thankfully today was no exception. The Formula 6 round, was scheduled a few weeks before the British Championship round here so the grid was competitve with people wanting to get some extra track time. We had been quick during testing, which now happens in the first half of the day for F6 away rounds.

Although the first heat did not get off to an incredible start, I gradually made my way through the field from the back of the grid where I had started to finish 6th. The second heat couldn’t of gone better with a lights to flag victory. The points were close and I was aware that whoever finished ahead out of myself, Michael Rich and Luke Graver would end up on pole for the finish. At the start Michael dropped to the back and then a few laps in Luke’s chain snapped and punctured the radiator which put him out of the race. Knowing this I was quite happy to settle for second and not risk making a move for the lead when there was no need.

Starting on pole with Michael next to me on the grid did not mean that I was in for an easy race however; he was quick in the opening laps and set his fastest lap on lap 4 (34.958), whereas we had set our tyres to come in much later. I was able to hold him off for the first few laps and as the kart started to come good, I began to gradually pull a gap. I set the fastest lap of the race on lap 14 (34.905) and as we crossed the finish line I had a one second gap over Michael in second. This win means that I have not been off the podium in any of the races we’ve entered so far this year. It would be nice to still be able to make this claim after the TKM Festival in August, but we will have to see as usually the Final does not go my way.

Throughout the day my Dad filmed the racing as usual, but there was not a huge amount of overtaking during the day, and it all happened at the other end of the track which was out of shot, so I’m reluctant to upload the video of me driving around and appearing higher up each lap. The only other video I know of from today was one from Mike’s onboard camera which shows what happened to him at the start of the third heat, so I shall include that instead :)

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