F6 2010 Whilton Mill Senior TKM 4 Stroke Daniel Rogers

Formula 6 Round 6 – Whilton Mill

We used this meeting as preperation for the TKM Festival later in the year and the results from the day would suggest that we have got good pace and stand as much chance as anybody else to take the win at the meeting in August.

Anyway, back to today’s events and throughout the day it was a three way battle between myself, Michael Rich and Emyr Honeybun at the front.  The heats had gone well and across the three heats I finished 2nd, 3rd and 3rd. This put me third on the grid for the start of the Final.

As expected, the three of us broke away from the chasing pack and soon had a comfortable gap. The lap times were very similar, however it was Thomas McMurray who set the fastest lap, beating my exisiting lap record at Whilton Mill set in last years TKM Festival. The order in the Final remained the same as the starting positions until the last lap; Michael felt he didn’t need to defend into the last few corners and was passed for the lead by Emyr who had been waiting for an opportunity all race. Unfortunately I couldn’t capitalise on the move and had to settle for the third as we crossed the line. The full results can be found here.

Michael had been running a GoPro onboard camera all weekend and recorded some footage that I felt would be different to the usual video’s I post from the sidelines. The first video was of morning practice and has been edited in a light hearted way, if thats the right expression. The second video is from the third heat, and follows my progress through the field as well as his own. 

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