Ma5da Rounds 18, 19 & 20 – Croft

Qualifying 14th | Race One 9th | Race Two 10th | Race Three 10th

Hoping to continue the run of good results from Rockingham, we headed to Croft for the final round of the Championship. I also wanted to get rid of the memories from last year when me and Rhys had a slight coming together! I am pleased to report that we survived the whole weekend without any damage besides a few paint marks, of course.

Qualifying was a strange one as I got myself into some reasonable space to set some quick laps, but when we looked at the results sheet I was quite surprised to see myself in 14th. The aim of the game from then on was to move as far forward as I could each race.

The lap times were very close in the top ten and by using the GPS to fine tune the handling we got more and more pace out of the car. Whilst all three races featured some great battles, the same problem arose; once I had got myself clear and into the top ten a gap emerged that was just big enough to make it impossible to catch the group ahead. The lap times were just too close, mainly because the grids were much larger allowing us to have four groups instead of the usual six.

I felt we learnt some more about the car which we can work on over the winter, and it’s just such a shame that we didn’t qualify higher to start with as it probably would of given a completely different outcome if I didn’t have to fight my way through from 14th every race.

Over the winter we’ll be developing the car further, and hope to do a friends/sponsors day, so keep checking back even though the racing has finished!

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